Season 4

Season 4

Season 4


Viewers are introduced to a new Honey in the fourth season – actress Laura Bruneau joins the cast and takes up the role of Hub and Fat’s mother, newly returned from the sanitarium with a clean bill of health. The scope of this season widens with the addition of more colourful characters, including guest stars Ron Lea, Stephanie Morgenstern and Robert Benson. Fans also watch as May Bailey forges ahead with her pledge to restore New Bedford to its previous prosperity, while Hub deals with adolescence and a budding love life, and Grace’s relationship with school teacher Jim Flett takes a romantic turn.


Toppy decides to open a dance school when swing music fever heats the streets of New Bedford; Hub’s old crush, Alice MacFarlane, returns to town with shocking news; Fat and Pritchard’s lives are threatened when they explore an abandoned mine; Leo McGinty’s passing results in a dispute over Maisey’s guardianship; Del Sutton returns to town and coaches Fat in boxing; a potential plot to murder Callie Cramp is uncovered; Ollie is inspired to build his own aircraft; Honey returns and tries to get back on her feet; Hub is coached on how to be a member of high society; Jim Flett’s son asks Grace to pose as his dad’s fiancé to prevent him having to live with his grandparents.
  • wind at my back sesaon 4 episode 1

    4.1: All This and Heaven Too

    Fat, Hub and Max find out they can go visit Honey at the Sanatorium in Gravenhurst. They can take May’s car, but have to drop off Grace on the way up north. Grace is going to the cabin at Bass Lake to spend some time by herself. Grace finds out that Jim and Pritchard are going up north as well to the lake. Toppy and Archie are beginning to like each other as more than friends, as Archie is so sweet to Toppy. Toppy suggest to Jim that he should check up on Grace while he is up at the lake.

  • wind at my back sesaon 4 episode 2

    4.2: It Don’t Mean a Thing

    Talent Time radio show, but when she fails to do so she has to read the livestock report in the nest slot. Pritchard decides to try to help Grace find talent. Due to her separation with Bob, Toppy enters a ladies luncheon to a frosty reception so she sits with an old friend Althea at a luncheon. The two speak of how little has changed in the decade since they have seen each other last.

  • wind at my back sesaon 4 episode 3

    4.3: A Girl in Trouble

    Alice arrives back in New Bedford and runs into Grace, she explains her Mom’s cousin ran out of money to keep her in school. Fat and Maisey visit Roolie the gypsy because Fat wants to know when he will grow. Ollie tries to do something nice for Grace, but she isn’t interested and this causes Marjorie to get mad at Ollie. Alice reveals to Hub that she was kicked out by her Mom’s cousin because she got pregnant. Alice wants to get rid of the pregnancy and goes to ask Roolie how to do it.

  • wind at my back sesaon 4 episode 4

    4.4: A River Rages

    While on the train, author Hugh Frampton gets off at New Bedford to avoid a fan. He goes to the hotel and gets a suite. Max recognizes him and at Toppy’s Max talks about Hugh so Grace decides she should interview him for the radio show. Archie invites Toppy to the drug store to try out some new products he just got in. Grace interviews Hugh in his hotel room, where he makes a move on Grace. She leaves abruptly and forgets her purse in the room. Max goes to Hugh’s room to give his manuscript and they have a drink in the room. Grace tells Toppy what happened and Toppy goes to the room to tell off Hugh for making a move on Grace and gets her purse.

  • wind at my back sesaon 4 episode 5

    4.5: After Leo

    Maisey tries to wake up Leo, but he has passed away in his sleep. While in town it is the Founder’s Day celebrations soon and the town gets ready to celebrate. May finds out about Leo’s death and realizes she is the executor of the will. She has also become Maisey’s legal guardian even though Maisey wants to stay at the pawn shop. May makes Maisey come live at her house. Maisey is to inherit the pawn shop when she is 18 years old and until then she is to stay with May.

  • wind at my back sesaon 4 episode 6

    4.6: Faith Healer

    Grace and Toppy go to see the faith healer Lillian Day that has come to a town close by. Grace has an interview with Lillian and they see her heal a man on crutches, but backstage he demands money from Lillian’s manager Hiram. Lillian becomes upset with the lies of the fake healing and cancels her interview with Grace. Lillian takes off her wig and outfit and leaves the tent. Fat see her walking up the train tracks crying and Fat takes her home with him.

  • wind at my back sesaon 4 episode 7

    4.7: Remembrance Day

    A new cenotaph is being unveiled at the town square for Remembrance Day celebrations. Alden seems annoyed by it and refuses to take part in the ceremony. Max asks Alden if he would speak to the kids at school about the war, but he refuses. Grace and Toppy go see Roolie the gypsy to get their fortunes done and Roolie see a man with the letter J in front of Grace. This makes Grace think it’s Jim Flett. At dinner, too much talk of Roolie annoys May. While Fat decides he wants to play the bugle at the ceremony.

  • wind at my back sesaon 4 episode 8

    4.8: The Shadow Boxer

    All the boys are focused on boxing training with Max and Jim teaching them. Fat gets jealous of the attention that Hub gets because he is a good boxer. Del arrives back in town after being away. Toppy sees him and runs home to tell Grace, but Grace tells Toppy she has moved on. Del sees Graces and asks her to go out with him for a coffee, to which she agrees.

  • wind at my back sesaon 4 episode 9

    4.9: Murmur Most Foul

    A snowstorm is coming to New Bedford. Callie is sick and gives Fat a crime magazine he likes as a thank you for bringing her supplies. Honey is coming home for the holidays, but Max is short on cash. Max gets home and Fat tells him the crime magazine has a story entry for $100. Max wants to write the story, but its due on Monday so he only has the weekend to write it. Everyone is checking up on what supplies they have.

  • wind at my back sesaon 4 episode 10

    4.10: The Wild Blue Yonder

    Ollie and Marjorie are barely getting by financially which is bothering Marjorie so she offers to get another job. While a bush plane flies overhead and lands nearby. Fred Wales gets out of the plane and Ollie is excited to see him. Warner Shank, his business partner, also gets out of the plane. Ollie takes the parts back to the garage to fix them from the plane’s engine. Meanwhile, Grace, Toppy and Marjorie are trying to find who should be the speaker at the 20th reunion of the school, but Grace and Marjorie mainly bicker.

  • wind at my back sesaon 4 episode 11

    4.11: A Family Again

    Honey comes back and the kids are very happy, but Zach remains scared of Honey. She mentions she will be back to work the next day, but no one has the heart to tell her she doesn’t have the space rented anymore. All the kids are showing Honey what she missed from the year away, while Max and Honey are happy to be together again.

  • wind at my back sesaon 4 episode 12

    4.12: A Formal Affair

    Laura asks Hub to escort her to the winter ball in Toronto, but Alice interrupts them, which irritates Laura. Doris is back in town and Toppy takes her home. Hub realizes he has no money for the dance for a suit. Althea mentions to Honey that Laura invited Hub to the dance when they are altering her dress, meanwhile Doris gives Toppy a letter from Bob about speeding up the divorce which upsets her.

  • wind at my back sesaon 4 episode 13

    4.13: The Foolish Heart

    Alice has a baby boy and names it Jacob which Hub comes to visit. Grace rehearses for the Valentines Follies Show at the hall, but Toppy missed the rehearsal. Pritchard gets a telegram and races to tell Jim his grandparents and Kathleen’s parents are coming. The grandparents, Rose and Louey, arrive to see Pritchard and they aren’t very impressed with Jim’s living arrangements for Pritchard. They want Pritchard to come live with them in Niagara Falls. Meanwhile, Archie tells Toppy he wants to marry her one day.