Season 2

Season 2

Season 2


The second season has a whole new crop of guest star performers and fabulous characters, including Ron Lea, Gordon Pinsent, Kay Tremblay and Carl Marotte. Six months have passed since May Bailey lost the custody trial for her grandchildren. Reunited with their mother and young sister, Hub and Fat adjust to a new kind of family life when Honey accepts Max Sutton’s proposal of marriage.


Max asks his high-rolling brother Del, to be his best man; after Max is offered the job of Vice-Principal, he and Honey decide to stay in New Bedford; tomboy Maisey moves to New Bedford and becomes fast friends with the Bailey brothers; Honey’s brother Joe returns to New Bedford a seemingly changed man; Honey finds out she is expecting another child; Grace is hired as CRNB’s new station manager, but faces public outrage when she cancels Rev. Milo’s Bible Hour; Grace is reluctantly thrown into the spotlight when she disguises herself as New Bedford’s romance expert, “Dr. Veronica Love”; Hub, Fat and Maisey hunt for the New Bedford Hotel’s ghost – Gap-Tooth Peggy; Grace’s feelings grow stronger for Del in spite of herself; Max discovers iron ore deposits on property that May thought worthless; May keeps her health troubles a secret in order to keep control of the Silver Dome Mine; Honey goes into labour and May is the only one there to deliver the baby.
  • wind at my back season 2 episode 1

    2.1: Many Happy Returns

    Following the custody hearing, Honey is still living in the rooming house with all three of the children, and has a job working at Yuen’s Laundry. Relations with May are tense, although Fat in particular misses his grandmother and May misses the children as well. Life at the mine office is not going well. In addition to some financial difficulties, Toppy is doing the bookkeeping, which she is not very good at.

  • wind at my back season 2 episode 2

    2.2: Never Sleep Three in a Bed

    Things are not going well at the mine. To keep the company afloat, Bob needs to secure extended credit from the bank and lay off some workers, which they do not respond to very well. To add to Bob’s stress, Toppy and Doris haven been gone for weeks. May realizes that she has left too much responsibility to Bob which in part has caused both his professional and personal problems.

  • wind at my back season 2 episode 3

    2.3: The Agony Column

    Everyone in town seems to be getting a new job. Hub is apprenticing with Ollie at the garage. Honey is opening her hair dressing salon. Callie is taking over responsibility for managing the radio station from Alden. While Grace, depressed at being recently fired from her telephone operator job, is asked by Max to manage his radio show with Del and Fat’s help on this one specific occasion when he has a school board meeting as the new Vice-Principal. Grace had better do a good job as Callie is threatening to move Max’s radio program to a less lucrative afternoon slot, a time when he would be unable to work at the station.

  • wind at my back season 2 episode 4

    2.4: Triple Trouble

    After being closed for a year, the town’s pawn shop reopens, this time by the actual owner of the property, Leo McGinty. May does not recognize Leo at first, but he was her husband John’s old prospecting partner and John’s competitor for May’s affections. Leo ran away from New Bedford forty years prior thinking that he had no chance with her.

  • wind at my back season 2 episode 5

    2.5: Summer Dreams, Summer Nightmares

    It’s nearing the end of summer 1933 and with it comes the annual Farewell to Summer Dance. The kids are planning on having a good time, with a friendly wager struck between partners Hub/Alice and Fat/Maisey on which couple will win the Junior Ballroom Dance Contest. Ollie is hoping to take Grace to the dance. Afraid that she still thinks of him only as a friend, Ollie enlists Del as his mentor in wooing Grace.

  • wind at my back season 2 episode 6

    2.6: The Champ

    Joe Callaghan returns to New Bedford a seemingly changed man. Donning an expensive suit, Joe pays Honey back for all the money he took from her and then some. He has been earning this money working for Battling Bob, a promoter of professional wrestling. The show is coming to New Bedford which has the whole town abuzz. Honey has mixed feelings about seeing her brother as she isn’t sure if he’s changed.

  • wind at my back season 2 episode 7

    2.7: By Gosh or By Golly

    Despite May’s assurances that the mine is safe, the miners refuse to go back to work until they are guaranteed by the union that the mine is safe from any explosives. This labour unrest delays mine operations. May is in a Catch-22 situation; she needs an extension on the loan, but the bank won’t provide an extension unless the mine is operating.

  • wind at my back season 2 episode 8

    2.8: Careers

    After Mrs. Whitney and the school board insist that Max give up his radio job, Grace takes over as producer of the radio show. This directive from Mrs. Whitney is only one of many disagreements between herself and Max. Max suggests a series of extracurricular activities for the children, all turned down by Mrs. Whitney, except for one, career day, although she makes it more of an academic exercise than Max envisioned.

  • wind at my back season 2 episode 9

    2.9: Radio Waves

    Callie is taking greater control of the radio station. After she fires Skip Roper (a firing he quite gladly accepts as he has major disagreements with the tyrannical Callie), Callie decides to hire Grace as the new station manager, for less pay of course. On the surface, Grace is to have all the responsibility, but in reality Callie is still calling the shots. As Callie’s primary goal is to make money, Grace is to find new advertisers for the station.

  • wind at my back season 2 episode 10

    2.10: A Ghost of a Chance

    While Max and Honey go into Toronto for the weekend to visit a publisher about Max’s writing, Del and Grace look after the kids. Hub, Fat and Maisey keep preoccupied for the weekend by searching the hotel for the ghost of Gap-Tooth Peggy. Alden and Callie have recently had a lot of plates break by falling off their plate rail.

  • wind at my back season 2 episode 11

    2.11: A Meeting of the Clan

    May’s elderly cousin, Jessie Buchanan, is coming to New Bedford for a visit. Cousin Jessie has always been somewhat of a motherly figure, albeit often an unwanted one for the independent May. Cousin Jessie decided to visit solely to get May’s life back on track.

  • wind at my back season 2 episode 12

    2.12: All That Human Hearts Endure

    Business troubles are brewing in New Bedford. At the pawn shop, Maisey sells a watch that still has a valid pawn ticket and the rightful owner threatens to sue unless he gets it back. On a larger scale, the Silver Dome Mine is still experiencing troubles. Despite the nickel deposit found on May’s property, the bank is still thinking about calling its bank loan unless the mine itself starts showing some major revenues in the immediate future.

  • wind at my back season 2 episode 13

    2.13: Smiling Through

    Troubles are still brewing at the mine. Grace is the new figurehead for the company, but May is still making the decisions. The strain May and Grace has resulted in Grace moving out of the house. The bank is expecting its latest payment on time or will call the note. Luc offers a loan to the mine which May reluctantly accepts. On the other end, Hugo has other ideas which may jeopardize the Bailey’s ownership of the company.