Season 5

Season 5

Season 5


In this final season of the series, the lives of some New Bedford residents mature and, in certain cases, drastically change. Grace Bailey elopes after a whirlwind romance, much to the detriment of May’s health, which takes a turn for the worse – while Hub figures out what his calling in life should be. All the residents learn to endure their own difficult circumstances while opening themselves up to new possibilities at the same time.


A travelling salesman falls in love with Grace at first sight; Hub decides on a path to priesthood; Grace returns from her honeymoon to find that May had a stroke; a love triangle develops between a new girl in town, Fat and Pritchard; Max and Alden Cramp compete against each other in New Bedford’s mayoral election; a plague threatens to descend on New Bedford; a new worker at the mine stirs up labor issues between May and Hub; and Grace confronts the cracks in her marriage.
  • wind at my back season 5 episode 1

    5.1: Coming of Age

    The episode starts in the present with Grace writing a letter to May. The viewer is then taken back in time, where Grace is telling Toppy that she hasn’t heard from Jim since Valentine’s Day. When Jim comes around to seeing Grace, he informs her that they can’t be together, upsetting Grace deeply. At the same time, Fat is determined that everyone know he is no longer a child, and even buys his own pair of shoes to express this.

  • wind at my back season 5 episode 2

    5.2: Oh Happy Day

    Grace’s letter has upset May, but she agrees to see Grace. Hub also gets a letter, but from a man he helped in the past. The letter thanks Hub for his help, explaining how he changed his life. This encourages Hub to want to do more good deeds. Meanwhile, Honey is back to work, which makes Pearl very jealous. Back at the Bailey residence May is feeling dizzy, but tells Maisey she will see the doctor later in the week. When Grace and May meet to talk, May reluctantly gives Grace her blessing. Reverend Hall meets with Grace and Van, but can’t officiate the wedding for three weeks. Things begin to worsen for May, which concerns Maisey, especially when May forgets her name.

  • wind at my back season 5 episode 3

    5.3: The Trick Cyclist

    Now that May is bed ridden, everyone is taking turns looking after her as she needs 24 hour care. Honey feels that she should take the most responsibility because May has been so generous with paying her hospital bills in the past. Toppy on the other hand feels very overwhelmed and is worried that she will be the one to take on the responsibility of taking care of May because she neither has a family or a new fiancé. Meanwhile, Grace and Van have returned from their honeymoon to the bad news that May is not doing very well. Grace goes to see May and finds out about the stroke; the two make up, but Grace still feels it’s her fault. Toppy being so anxious decides it would be helpful to see a therapist and sets up an appointment, which Archie overhears.

  • wind at my back season 5 episode 4

    5.4: New Girls in Town

    The new nurse May hired will be coming to New Bedford soon, but in the meantime Mrs. McFarlane is looking after May and is quite rude to her. Jim approaches Max while walking down the street about losing Grace and is determined to become more outgoing. In the meantime, Toppy talks to Honey about how lonely she is now that Grace is gone and Honey relates her time at the sanatorium, explaining that she still feels unfulfilled with her life. There is also a new girl at school who has caught the attention of both Fat and Pritchard. Her name is Rebecca and her father is the new bank manager.

  • wind at my back season 5 episode 5

    5.5: The Spanish Prisoner

    Van and Grace go down to Southern Ontario and arrive at Van’s Lakeview estate. His servant Paloma greets them and Grace meets Van’s business partner, Nigel, who compares Grace to a Spanish painting. All of Van’s friends immediately like Grace and she is happy to fit in with them. However, soon after they sit and are enjoying a good conversation, the police come in to arrest Van for murder.

  • wind at my back season 5 episode 6

    5.6: Marriage of True Minds

    It’s Honey and Max’s anniversary, and Max has a special evening planned for them. Meanwhile, Dr. Thomas Asher from the sanatorium has arrived at the hotel. He has checked in and is planning on staying in New Bedford while monitoring the minors and screening them in hopes to prevent tuberculosis instead of having to treat it. Over at the school, Rebecca has found a note in her desk from a secret admirer, who of course is Fat.

  • wind at my back season 5 episode 7

    5.7: For God and Country

    Callie has started reading a book called How to Win and Influence Friends, which gives her advice on how to properly approach people, in order to influence them. She takes the books advice to heart and starts using its suggestions in her everyday conversations. Everyone seems to be stunned by her positive attitude and genuine concerns. Max and Hub are going up north to work in a logging camp for a month, but Honey is concerned about Hub, as he has been distant and was asking questions about his religion.

  • wind at my back season 5 episode 8

    5.8: Enter Eddie Jackson

    Fat and Pritchard play chess at a school competition, and when Fat wins he gloats about it. Meanwhile, Hub meets Jake Miller in town, who is on his way to Halifax to go over to Germany to compete in the Olympics. Jake checks into the hotel and spends most of his time running to prepare. Hub finds Jake to be very interesting and starts spending a lot of time with him. Fat continues to play chess and when he loses his first match, it shocks him. Grace comes back from Southern Ontario to surprise May and Toppy.

  • wind at my back season 5 episode 9

    5.9: The Summer Plague

    The Silverdome Bass fishing tournament is about to start and a heat wave has hit, but all public swimming has been closed by health officials to prevent the spread of infantile paralysis. While Grace is passing through town she does the announcements on the radio, getting everyone excited about the fishing tournament and the town picnic. When Grace runs into Max she encourages him and the family to go visit May, but Max explains how Honey is still upset about Hub being disinherited.

  • wind at my back season 5 episode 10

    5.10: Reconciliationr

    While waiting at the bus station for Hub, Max asks Honey to make a speech at the Bell Award, as it is tradition for the mayor’s wife to take on this responsibility. The bus arrives and Hub steps off happy to be home from working at the logging camp, and with him is his new friend Travis. Hub isn’t home long when he is offered work at the mine and suggests Travis should work there too. Back in town Hub sees Laura and quickly finds out that she is quite upset with him for waiting the whole month and not receiving one letter from him. Meanwhile, the feud between May and Honey still continues with Honey proving this when Maisey tries to make a hair appointment for May and Honey lies explaining she is fully booked.

  • wind at my back season 5 episode 11

    5.11: Crack in the Mirror

    Van and Grace arrive back in town and Grace explains to May the fun prank they played on Van’s friends. Rebecca makes a hair appointment for her mother with Honey and asks that Honey please go to her house to do it. Meanwhile, The Masked Rider Buck Howard comes to town and is set to have an interview on the radio with Jim. However, Buck ends up drunk and passed out in his room and is unable to do the interview. To resolve the problem Callie decides Jim will pretend to be Buck and be both the interviewer and the guest. The interview goes really well and no one suspects it wasn’t actually Buck in the studio.

  • wind at my back season 5 episode 12

    5.12: Secrets and Lies

    During the family dinner Grace stays quiet about Van; even though she is very upset, she would prefer to confront him when they are alone. Grace manages to get through dinner and confronts Van as soon as they arrive home, he tries to apologize, but it just doesn’t make up for all the lies he told and she asks him to leave. Van checks into the hotel for the night, which gets Callie gossiping; meanwhile, Grace goes to the movies by herself to think.

  • wind at my back season 5 episode 13

    5.13: Payback

    The concerns regarding the mine continue and it turns out that Van could give the loan to balance out the remaining shares since the other interested company won’t buy enough to stabilize the mine. May however, won’t allow this, as she still doesn’t have enough trust in Van and doesn’t want to involve him. Grace still feels betrayed by Van and admits to Toppy that she only asked him to stay so she could get back at him for the embarrassment he caused her. Meanwhile, at the salon Honey has been inspired by Toppy’s book and has decided she wants to do college courses by correspondence. In town, Grace bumps into Jim and while talking realizes that Jim has yet to meet Van, which sparks an idea for Grace in her plan to get back at Van.