Where are they now?

It’s been over a decade since the beloved show Wind At My Back premiered. It’s become a classic staple in family television and has had a lasting impact on its fans. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and catch up on some our favorite characters and where they are now.


Shirley Douglas

At 83, Shirley Douglas shows no signs of slowing down. Since Wind At My Back ended, Shirley has taken on a few acting roles. She appeared in the beloved Canadian shows Degrassi and Corner Gas. Recently though, Shirley has put most of her focus on activism and politics. She has actively campaigned for the NDP party in Canada. In 2012 she announced that she would be supporting leader Brian Topp for the NDP party leadership. Shirley has a large influence in activism in Canada. Her father, Tommy Douglas, brought Medicare to Canada. She has been vocal in her support for publicly funded health care.



Kathy Greenwood

Kathy Greenwood has solidified her name in comedy since Wind At My Back. She landed a number of comedic roles in Canada, like the Rick Mercer Report. She then crossed over into Los Angeles where she appeared on The Drew Carey Show and Hollywood Square. Since then, she has been working with a sketch comedy group with 4 other women called “Women Fully Clothed”. They were met with great acclaim across Canada and Europe. Comedic legend Eugene Levy was even quoted as saying they are “the five funniest women in Canada”. Kathy is also married with two daughters.


Dylan Provencher

Not all child stars want to continue acting. Dylan Provencher was one of them. While he loved working on Wind At My Back, he just didn’t see acting as his future. Since finishing on the show, Dylan Povencher became a successful Real Estate Agent in Toronto!

Tyrone Savage

Since Wind at My Back, Tyronne Savage found his calling in voice acting! He has had a successful career voicing for a number of animated shows. He worked on Franklin, Stoked and the ever-popular franchise Total Drama Island.


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  • joanne m smelser says:

    I believe this is the best series i have ever seen. It has great drama without the sex , violence and language that most shows think you have to have to be a success. I love it… Thank You…

  • Martha Munguia says:

    just discovered wind on my back, it’s great! Happy not to hear vulgarity, obscenity and violence. sad it was cancelled.

  • The Gibsons says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with Joanne. We have enjoyed Wind at my Back ever since we discovered it. My husband gets so aggravated at May because she is so ugly and mean to Grace. It’s a good thing he can’t reach her or she would be in real trouble. We really look forward to each program and are really disappointed when “sports” takes it’s place. PLEASE KEEP IT RUNNING!!

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