1930's fashion

The fashions of the 1930’s were truly one of a kind, embodying femininity and masculinity like clothes from no previous decade had. From bias cut dresses, rompers, broad shouldered suits and spur ties, these fashions are often overlooked in the spectrum of memorable trends. But we definitely think they are well represented in Wind At My Back. One of our favourite fashions of the 1930’s is the Summer fashions for Women. Tops had high modest necklines, loose flowing shoulders and sleeves and dresses had elegant vertical lines. You can see some of this inspiration in today’s fashions, but there is nothing like the real thing!

Grace Bailey, 1930s fashion

Of course the Women of Wind At My Back each have their own unique style, but it’s really Grace who optimizes everything we love about Women’s Summer fashions of the 1930’s. In the episode “All This and Heaven Too” we see Grace wearing a lovely dress with vertical lines as well as a sleeveless romper, which had a high modest neckline, and colorful pattern, but showed plenty of leg. Later she is wearing what we have heard called Beach Pajamas, not unlike what some of the ladies pictured below are sporting. These fashions are definitely eye catching and actually look like they would be really comfortable. Definitely more comfortable then a lot of today’s fashions!

1930's fashion

To see all the wonderful fashions of the 1930’s, watch Wind At My Back.

By Adriana Pacheco, Sullivan Entertainment

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