Last week we were deeply saddened  to hear about the passing of the wonderful James Carroll, as he succumbed to a long battle with Cancer. Our thoughts are with his Family and Friends at this time. James brought so much to everything he did and we know that he will be greatly missed, but that his legacy will live on in the hearts and minds of those who knew and loved him.


James Carroll as Max in Wind at My Back

James Carroll as Max in Wind at My Back


Since his passing we have seen many tributes, many kind words and fond memories being shared to remember such a gentle and generous man. One that really touched us was from Wind At My Back Assistant Director, Dale Maclean:



  • Elizabeth Hamidbasha says:

    James Carroll gave me many fine moments when I was watching Wind at my Back. He played Max Sutton, a fine gentleman, concerned for the less fortunate, upright, fair-minded, a loving father and a dynamic , caring and understanding husband. If only the world could be made up of men like Max Sutton. Some day I am going to make a pilgrimage to Huntsville to sit on the bench that was placed in front of the radio station where James spent his last working days . While I’m there I’ll thank him for the many hours of excellent television he provided me. I appreciated him and I am sure he will go down in television history as a man who did a stellar job of playing a very fine and inspiring character.

  • Really enjoyed that show just another God show that wasn’t,t on long enough.

  • Cynthia Resh says:

    Just learned of this sad story today. We are glad to hear that Mr. Carroll was as gentlemanly in real life as he portrayed in his character in that great show. We (in the states) are fortunate to continue to watch his talents as an actor in the dvds we were so lucky to purchase from Sullivan Entetainment. Thank you Mr. Carroll

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