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Sometimes something is created, which has a lasting effect on your life. You may not realize what it means to you until it’s gone, but even when its over, the memories it invokes still remain, making you want to take the journey again. It has been 15 years since Wind At My Back came to an end, but reviews for it still come in as if it were yesterday. Here is one of our favourites:

By Orson Wright,

Beautifully filmed and set in the 1930s, “Wind at My Back” is a family drama that is both heartfelt and funny, with characters that are enjoyable to watch and grow with the seasons.

“Wind at My Back” is a family drama set in a small town during the Great Depression of the 1930s. The series follows the members of the Bailey family as they live through a time period marked by difficulty and hardship, as well as hope. The show is supported by a strong ensemble of characters. In the series premiere, we are introduced to the strong-willed Honey Bailey, whose family is torn apart by tragedy and her mother-in-law May Bailey. Through the course of the series, the characters develop and exhibit growth, from the domineering May Bailey to Honey’s meek, unmarried sister-in-law Grace Bailey.


“Wind at My Back” perfectly balances drama with light comedy. By balancing the emotionally affecting moments with lighter and more humorous situations, it is a show that the entire family can watch together.


Beautifully filmed with period sets and costumes, “Wind at My Back” transports you back in time, incorporating into the story-lines the cultural fads of the 1930’s, from dance marathons to radio talent shows to swing music. Sometimes gritty and at other times romanticized, the show is a thoroughly enjoyable drama about the importance of family.


  • Barb Davis says:

    I can’t believe I’m the first to post on here. I absolutely love this show! it is, without a doubt, my most favorite tv series! although I wasn’t born yet during the 30’s and the depression or world war 2….something about the program makes me “miss” those times and their simplicity, patriotism,honesty,good will towards neighbors, wholesomeness and innocence. As time travel is not yet a reality….I “can” time travel and escape back to those wonderful times through this program..and others similar to it set in that time period. And there are similar programs that are wonderful and good BUT Wind At My Back stands out,foremost in my opinion. PLEASE help bring it back on the air…I really really miss it. Someday I hope to be able to buy the entire series on DVD but until then I just have to keep hunting for it to pop back up again. Thank you to everyone involved with producing this series. It definately belongs in tv’s Hall Of Fame as one of TV’s finest accomplishments!!

  • Ron says:

    Can you watch the entire series on Netflix?

    • Sullivan Entertainment says:

      Hi!The series will be available to stream soon our new service. We will make announcements on facebook and in our newsletter.

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