1930s Hairstyles from Wind at my Back

Despite the financial hard times she experienced, Honey Bailey always looked polished and fashion forward. Honey came to be a hairstylist herself but always rocked the finger waves or loose curls that framed the face.

The hairstyles made famous by Hollywood actresses of the day Greta Garbo, Barbara Stanwyck, and Jean Harlow, were a move to softer and more glamorous hair styles compared to the blunt bobs only a decade earlier.

Honey by lakeFar from the prosperity of the roaring 20s, less money could be spent on luxurious fashions and cosmetics. Both were bought sparingly and hairstyles had to be both glamorous and built to last. Many women could no longer afford to go the salon, so they had to become good at creating their own wave and curly hairstyles at home. Because these hairstyles could be created at home, it was one of the few ways women could keep up with the fashions of the day, affordably.

However, these hairstyles were not for the faint at heart. The wave hairstyles popular in the 1930s required a lot of upkeep, and constant sculpting. Though Honey’s finger waves look elegant, they would have likely needed a lot of TLC. Wearing a hair net to bed to keep pin curls in place, or wearing in clips or rollers would have been some of the methods used to maintain the curl from day to day. Voluminous curls gave women a sultry look but sophisticated look. Hats were a popular accessory that accentuated the hair. Brims were made flatter and wider and worn tilted to one side, all to show off ones hairdo.

Want to create Honey’s signature look? Check out this tutorial. To create finger waves, start with wet hair, and then towel Honey and Percy tennisdry it so it’s damp. Then use hair gel through the hair, and use a fine tooth comb to create waves. Finish off with hairspray.

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