The Appeal of Wind at My Back

The Appeal of Wind at My Back

wind at my backLast Friday, Sullivan Entertainment announced that they will be holding a Wind at My Back Fan Appreciation Day on April 26, 2013. The day promises to be full of trivia, prizes, memories and exclusive deals – hopefully something that you’ll all really like! As we gear up to Friday’s events, I wanted to take a minute to try and analyze why we all love Wind at My Back so much.

Wind at My Back is a Period Series

Sullivan Entertainment is known for their high production-value and attention to detail in their period dramas. Wind at My Back is no exception. As Sullivan Entertainment blogger Dan Matthews said, “Period films offer a glimpse into the past that is both entertaining and educational. Perhaps the most important thing they do is provide an insight into ourselves, because how do we know where we’re going if we don’t know where we’ve been.”

Hope in the Face of Real Life Issues

Since Wind at My Back is set in The Great Depression, it deals with many difficult situations including death, unemployment, teen pregnancy, divorce, racism, sickness and the loss of innocence. However, the series never loses a hopeful undertone as the power of family, community and perseverance are highlighted.

A Great Cast

The cast of Wind at My Back put on real, captivating performances while depicting life during The Great Depression. Guest performances from powerhouses such as Gordon Pinsent helped push the cast and show to greatness. Shirley Douglas’s complex portrayal of May Bailey is certainly a series highlight. The five year run of Wind at my Back along with a continued dedication from old and new fans, is the ultimate testament to the series. Why is it that you love Wind at My Back?