Wind Heartthrob: 3 Reasons to Love Hub

Wind at My Back features some strong male leads throughout the series against equally strong female characters. One of those endearing men from Wind at my Back is the eldest Bailey son,  Hubert “Hub” Bailey.  Here are 3 good reasons to love Hub Bailey.

He’s Strong But Sensitive

WAMBs3ep08-003Hub starts off the series much like the Great Depression, a little rough. Pained by the loss of his father, and limited relationship with his mother, at times Hub could come off as a bit of a bad boy. Between punching his cousin Doris (not good!), doing poorly in school and constant tension with his grandmother May, Hub would often find himself in a lot of trouble. Though everyone loves a bad boy, we realize once his family is reunited, Hub is just a sensitive boy acting tough. Ultimately, Hub is a strong but sensitive young man who cares about his family.

He Loves His Family

With Honey off working for much of the series, Hub’s siblings tend to look up to him. Also, being the oldest, Hub has the fondest memories of his father Jack, which explains why he finds it hard to see Max as a father figure. Much of Hub’s motivations are fuelled by loving his family and wanting to protect them. He has trouble relating to his grandmother May, because she is the very reason he and his family are apart. Despite their differences over the years, eventually He and May come to an understanding and he learns to love her, too.

He’s Dedicated to Helping People

Though you wouldn’t think so from the way Hub started the series, over time Hub becomes invested and devoted to helping others. After learning about the poor Wind At Back Hub Robeconditions for miners, he teams up with his grandmother May to help improve their working conditions. Another caring gesture is when he offers to marry a pregnant friend so she and her baby won’t be alone. Though he eventually gives it up, Hub initially aims to become a priest in order to help others. Though he decides that the priesthood isn’t for him, he is just as devoted to helping others and making a difference. Putting yourself before others is an admirable trait that makes Hub worthy of his heartthrob status.


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