Wind Heartthrob: 3 Reasons to Love Fat

Of all of the Bailey children, Henry “Fat” Bailey might be the most lovable. Kind-hearted, and a little mischievous, Fat has a few qualities that make him a great character but also a heartthrob. Here are three very good reasons to love Fat Bailey.

He Believes the Best in People

Fat webSome people believe that there is good and everyone and Fat certainly thinks that is the case especially when it comes to his grandmother May, and fellow troublemaker, Maisey McGinty.  While Hub continually clashes with May throughout the series, Fat manages to find a soft spot for her. Maybe he feels like his grandmother is misunderstood, whereas others think she’s manipulative. Either way, he loves his grandmother, even when she’s wrong.

As for Maisey, though they get off to a rough start, Fat finds a genuine friendship in Maisey. Though she comes from a rough background, her father was in prison, ultimately she is a good friend to him and they rely upon each other. Fat sees the good in everyone, even if it isn’t obvious right away.

He’s Mischievous

Just like his brother Hub, as he gets a little older, and with the help of Maisey, Fat finds himself getting into some trouble over the years. However, his mischief is usually all in good fun. Just like Hub, getting into trouble may have been a way to get some attention from Honey and later, Max.

A little mischief never really hurt anyone, Fat is just fun and playful. Interestingly enough, despite the trouble he gets into, he eventually becomes passionate about law enforcement and wants to be a police officer, so his mischievous side is just how Fat expresses his fun side.

He Puts Family First

As we mentioned already, though many of the rest of his family particularly Hub and Honey, don’t care for May, somehow Fat has a soft spot for her. He is able to Fat web affectionate with May in a way that no one else is able to. Though she can be manipulative, Fat still recognizes that she’s still family and the only grandmother he really knows. Fat also has a special relationship with his aunt Grace, who is often under the thumb and at times, tyranny of May.

The Bailey’s spend the early part of the series apart, making the connections Fat makes especially important. Though they have their flaws, we only get one family and it’s best to do as Fat does and love them unconditionally.

For these reasons and more, we love Fat Bailey. Why do you love Fat? Sound off in the comments!

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