A Wind at my Back Memorial Day

Remembrance Day 01Wind at my Back may be set in a Canadian town but one episode is fitting for Memorial Day in the U.S.A.

When Memorial Day approaches I can’t help but think about the Wind at my Back episode Remembrance Day. In this touching episode, normally light-hearted and jovial Alden Cramp (Dan MacDonald), a decorated veteran of World War I,  refuses to take part in a Remembrance Day ceremony.  Much like Memorial Day, Remembrance Day is Canada’s time to pause and remember those who gave their lives in service to their country.

Remembrance Day CeremonyMost people can’t understand Alden’s refusal to take part in the ceremony but Alden prefers to try and forget, rather than remember. He finds it difficult to express his feelings of loss and make others understand the horrors of war he endured.  In the end,  Alden decides to attend the ceremony and remember his fallen friends and comrades in arms.

To those of us fortunate enough not to have been directly touched by war, occasions like Remembrance Day and Memorial Day give us a chance to thank those who fought to protect us and preserve our way of life. Sadly, the names of many fallen soldiers are etched on monuments across both Canada and the United States and the list continues to grow; and each and every one of them deserves to be remembered and honoured for their ultimate sacrifice.

So this Memorial Day, in whatever way feels best to you, take a moment to remember your country’s fallen heroes, and say a prayer for all of those who continue to risk their lives so that we can live in peace.

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