What’s in a Name? Henry “Fat” Bailey.

“Wind at My Back’s” Henry Bailey has a very unusual nickname, “Fat”. What’s in a name? Well, a few things actually:

So why is Henry Bailey known as “Fat”? It would seem a cruel and unusual nickname to give a child, but that’s how we all affectionately refer to the mischievous yet kindhearted young man from New Bedford.

Tyrone Savage’s character is known as “Fat” for a couple of different reasons. One of the stories behind the name is from when Henry was a baby. Honey named Henry “Fat” as an infant because of his chubby cheeks. As Henry grew older the nickname stuck.

In Season One: Episode Two (“Four Walls and a Roof”), Hub explains his brother’s nickname a little further. According to Hub (Hubert Bailey), “Fat” has always had a healthy appetite, even during the Great Depression.

There is a third reason Henry has such an unconventional name and that is to do with the source of inspiration for the series. “Never Sleep Three in a Bed” by Max Braithwaite is the book that inspired Kevin Sullivan to create the show we all know and love today. The book is about Braithwaite’s childhood and his nickname in his younger years happened to be “Fat”. Kevin Sullivan and the writers of “Wind at My Back” decided to incorporate this name into their show as a tribute to the author.

So there you have it; “Fat” is known as “Fat” because of his baby face, his healthy appetite and as a homage to the inspiration behind “Wind at My Back”.

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