The Mothers of Wind at my Back

The various Mother’s on Wind at my Back all had different personalities. Is there one that resembles your mother?

shirley douglasMay Bailey (Shirley Douglas) may seem gruff and insensitive on the outside but deep down she has a loving and generous heart. Nothing is more important than her family and heaven help anyone who tries to inflict harm upon them. Having a mother like May Bailey might not be particularly warm and cuddly but you would always know that she would give you honest advice, whether you liked it or not… and she would always be there when you needed her most.

Honey BaileyHoney Bailey – Sutton (Cynthia Belliveau/Laura Bruneau) is a mother that has kept her soft, sensitive side in spite of enduring many hardships… but don’t let her beauty and tender, caring nature fool you. When the chips are down, Honey can be extremely fierce as May Bailey discovered when she tried to take Honey’s children away. A mother like Honey will always express her love to you which makes it hurt even more when she expresses her anger or disapproval. Honey is perhaps the perfect mix of love, understanding and discipline making her children very fortunate indeed.

Toppy BaileyToppy Bailey is perhaps the unsung mother of New Bedford. At first Toppy was a bit ‘holier than thou’ and loved flaunting the wealth and status that came along with being the wife of Bob Bailey. Unfortunately, Toppy’s selfish attitude rubbed off on her daughter Doris who was a spoiled and arrogant child to say the least. Initially, Toppy and Doris seemed to enjoy watching Honey and her children struggle but that all changed when their own world started crumbling around them. Toppy and Bob’s failed marriage caused tremendous friction between Toppy and Doris, threatening to tear them apart as well. Not wanting to lose her daughter too, Toppy persevered and ultimately forged a deeper relationship with Doris. Toppy is a great example of a woman who isn’t necessarily a ‘natural’ mother but works very hard to be the best mother she can possibly be.

The mothers of Wind at my Back may all be different but they share a common trait with mother’s everywhere: they love their children above all else. And that is all that really matters.

Feel free to post a comment about which Wind at my Back mother most resembles your own mom.

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