gazebo-03All small towns need a place to hold community events and on Wind at my Back that place was the New Bedford Park gazebo.

Since the New Bedford backlot was built on what once was the rear parking lot at Sullivan Studio, there were few options for creating a park. Fortunately, there was an existing “green area” on the property that already had some grass and a couple of mature trees. It wasn’t very big, but with some ingenuity and creativity it became one of the most important areas of the backlot. Because the ”park” was quite small, the gazebo was built to create some interesting architecture, provide a place for community gatherings and also hide the studio parking lot that was just a few feet behind it. The combination of the Gazebo, the canopy from the existing large trees, the train trestle (which was also a set) and some strategically placed flowers and shrubs, effectively created the illusion that the park was much larger than it actually was. The gazebo provided an excellent, convenient location to stage Max and Honey’s wedding, WAMB-Wedding-02 a political debate, gazebo-04 a chess tournament, gazebo-01 and a Christmas gathering. WAMB-Christmas In Season five, a soda fountain set was also added to further take advantage of the area surrounding the gazebo. gazebo-02 The park and the gazebo proved to be an extremely versatile and attractive filming location. It wasn’t very big but it added  an extremely important sense of authenticity to the New Bedford backlot. All of your favourite Wind at my Back episodes are available on DVD at


  • Stephen Carr says:

    I loved the scenes in that gazebo. The way the “streets” are set up, sometimes it appears that there is either way to drive out of town that way, or at least walk. That shows has got to be one of my all time favorites. I certainly hope you can do another movie. That Christmas one was not satisfying.

  • Eliana age 14 says:

    oh don’t you like the Christmas wind at my back, I love it sooooooooooo much really good actors !!
    but I don’t really like the new honey as much as the old honey? the new honey is not my favourite at all!

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