The Bailey – Sutton’s: A Modern Family

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Today is International Day of Families which got me thinking that the Bailey – Sutton Family was way ahead of their time.

honey and fat huggingAlthough Wind at My Back was set in the 1930s it deals with many modern issues including the second marriage of Honey Bailey to Max Sutton. Combined families are quite common and accepted these days, but can still present challenges to both parents and children. In the 1930s, getting remarried was considered taboo regardless of the circumstances. In Honey’s case, her first husband tragically and suddenly died leaving her to look after her children on her own.  Despite the situation being completely beyond her control, Honey had to endure numerous hardships.

Unfortunately, Honey was falsely accused of being an unfit mother, separated from her children and ultimately forced to justify her motives for having a relationship with Max Sutton.  In the past it was quite difficult to move on after a marital break-up regardless of the reasons. Of course some of these taboo’s still exist, but thankfully combined families are no longer considered either morally wrong, or unhealthy.

Families come in all forms and none of them are perfect. The Bailey-Sutton family showed viewers that with love, patience and understanding any family can be happy regardless of the time and circumstances. And if that’s not a great thing to celebrate on International Day of families, then I don’t know what is.

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