Rebuilding Community in Wind at my Back

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they have to start over. Through circumstances usually out of your control, you have to start from scratch and build your way back up. This experience happens in Wind at My Back, but is a familiar scenario for all of us. Starting over is already a pretty difficult process but it was made more so for Honey.

Shortly after her move to New Bedford, her husband Jack dies. Suddenly a single mother, she has four three kids to raise and that’s tough enough on it’s own. Add strained familial relations with her late husband’s mother, May, and being in the middle of the great depression, you’d need the support of family and friends more than ever.  WAMB Group web

However, starting over also gives us the opportunity to create a community of people around us to support us, and that’s exactly what Honey did.

Although May and Honey certainly do not get along at the best of times,  Honey starts a friendship with Grace Bailey which is beneficial, as Honey would need not only a friend but an ally. Had things not been so strained with May, their friendship may not have flourished the way it did. The introduction of Honey into Grace’s life has a positive effect as well. Grace starts sticking up for herself against her controlling mother.  Grace even takes it as far as moving out on her own, eventually with Toppy, and getting her own job. One of the great benefits of being part of a community is hanging a support group, and Honey certainly supported Grace.

Kids May  On Stairs webSoon Honey befriends others in the New Bedford community and even finds love again in Max Sutton, the local school teacher. Honey works her way up to being a hairdresser and eventually finds her way to college. None of this would have been possible without the new community of friends, and family that she built along the way.

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    I love reading this blog soooooooooo much its really good if you feel like reading about WIND AT MY BACK

  • ELIANA.E says:

    I love reading this blog so much its really good when you feel like reading about WIND AT MY BACK!!!!!

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    My mother likes to read the good old days magazine back in the 1980s . So mom used to watch the show and some of the other Sullivan productions . We have certainly have heard of and of Green Gables as parts of it were filmed in a pioneer village in Kitchener .

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