With the holiday season coming to a close it often has many reflecting upon the year that has passed. What did they accomplish? Did the year meet their expectations?

Vanaver with GraceUnfortunately, some years are better than others. Many of us face challenges, whether they be financial, emotional or familial. As you can imagine, the Bailey’s and many other families would find it difficult to maintain any level of optimism during a global depression.

Many people’s hopes and dreams hinged upon having the money to make them come true. However, a positive attitude goes a long way, and no one embodies that more than Grace Bailey. We at some ways Grace’s attitude have made tough times better.

Never Give Up

Grace is a little unlucky in love, viewers come to discover over the series. However, without fail, and no matter how painful, Grace keeps an open mind and an open heart. Some may consider this foolish, but putting your heart on the line after multiple heartaches shows not only how strong she is, but how dedicated she is to finding love.

Though the series ends with Grace’s love life up in the air, because of her unflinching dedication to romance, we like to believe she ended up with someone great in the end.

Every Rain Cloud has a Silver Lining

Though it caused a lot of friction, Grace asserting her independence from her mother May is another way she turned a negative situation into a good one. By getting her own job, and eventually moving out with Toppy, Grace was able to transform not only her relationship with her mother but also herself.

Her radio career allowed her to come out of her shell as Veronica Love, date some new people, even ones her mother didn’t approve of. Staying at her mothers and keeping up the same routine wouldn’t have allowed her to flourish and while there were certainly ups and downs, it proves that all negative situations stay that way.

Did we miss any other ways that Grace keeps positive? Let us know in the comments. Rewatch this clip of May teaching Grace how to drive! Relive all your favourite moments from the series when you buy the Ultimate Box Set on dvd at shopatsullivan.com

May teaches Grace how to drive in “A Family of Independent Means” from Sullivan Entertainment on Vimeo.

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