May Bailey: An Unappreciated Character?

In Wind at My Back there are many compelling characters we fell in love with right from the moment they were introduced.

May Bailey webWhen May Bailey (played by Shirley Douglas) is introduced, she seems cold, and even unloving towards the rest of the Bailey family. Douglas gives life to a complex character, which is not surprising as superb acting runs in the family as she is the mother to several talented children including Kiefer Sutherland.

Though some fans change their minds, many others find May to be a difficult character to be fond of, let alone identify with. Though she has her fair share of cruel moments there are lots of reasons to like the unappreciated May Bailey.

She’s An Entrepreneur

Though she started the company with her husband John, May maintains her own business through one of the most difficult economic times in history. Taking care of the boys and even dealing with health problems still didn’t prevent her from running a business. In an era where there were few working people, let alone women, so you have to hand it to May for maintaining the huge business that was the Silver Dome Mine.

She Doesn’t Put Up With Nonsense

Life is far too short to deal with nonsense and May certainly does not. Her often apt but biting comments make it clear to everyone that she does not put up with foolishness, and why should she?

Between the death of her son Jack, housing the boys until Honey finds steady employment, and guiding the sweet but often naive Grace, sometimes May has to be the tough, unyielding one in order to keep the family, and her business, together.

She Loves Her Family

As a parent, sometimes you have to make some pretty hard decisions. Many of us often forget that May lost her son, and had to watch another son’s marriage fall apart. Those are some tough things for a parent to endure.

When May separates Honey from her kids, it’s out of necessity. With no job, Honey wouldn’t have been able to provide for the boys and Violet. In the end, everyone comes to realize it’s for the best. Though she doesn’t always have the best delivery, May says and does what she feels is right for her family and community.

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Watch some of May’s best moments.

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