Max Sutton: A Great Dad

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Max Sutton was an all around good guy and certainly a great Dad.

Bailey Family and Max Sutton | Many Happy ReturnsDuring the first season of Wind at My Back, Max Sutton provided encouragement, support and hope to Honey Bailey and her children after the tragic death of Honey’s husband, Jack Bailey. Although it was immediately obvious that Max was interested in Honey romantically, it was equally obvious that his intentions were honourable and that he would make a great father.

Max knew that Honey already had children, yet taking on that responsibility didn’t deter him. In fact, Max gladly took on a fatherly role and ultimately helped raise Honey’s children as if they were his own.

It wasn’t always easy, but Max handled every problem with his new family with just the right mixture of authority and love. Somehow, Max was able to put his family first while still pursuing his own interests, which is definitely no easy task.

Max Sutton may be a fictional character, but he is really no different than many men trying to fulfill the same fatherly role today. Max’s calm, compassionate and loving approach to solving the inevitable problems that affect blended families should serve as an inspiration to men and women alike who are in a similar situation.

Max Sutton is a perfect example that there’s more to being a father than just sharing the same genetics as your children. So this Father’s Day, take the time to thank the father-figure in your life for all of the wonderful things they do.

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