Make Hay When The Sun Shines?

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Dealing with the changing seasons is always challenging for filmmakers and Wind at my Back was no exception.

Hub-works-in-the-field-ep-6In this photo of Hub (Dylan Provencher) taking hay off the field in the Wind at my Back – Season One episode Something from Nothing, it appears that he is working on a hot summer day. In reality, Dylan was probably quite cold and wet because it was actually late Fall and it had been raining incessantly.

Haying normally happens in early summer, so there wasn’t any hay in the fields when we went to shoot these scenes. To create the illusion of a hay field, set dressers had to bring in large, round bales of hay and then roll them out in rows. They then had to “fluff up” the rows to make it look like the hay had been freshly cut. Director Ken Jubenvill had to be quite creative with the angles of his shots because the entire field wasn’t covered with hay. He also had to be somewhat careful not to show too many trees in the background because they were all changing colour and some were quite bare, as you can see in the photo.

The weather also presented some logistical problems at this particular location. All of the production trucks parked in a dry field when they arrived but the rain quickly turned it into a mud bog. When it came time to leave (in the middle of the night of course) virtually every truck got stuck and had to be pulled out of the mud with a tractor.

I’m sure the farmer who owned the property thought we were all crazy for putting hay back in the field and pulling trucks out of the mud all night, but that’s show biz.

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