Why We Love Max Sutton (played by James Carroll)

Max Sutton (played by James Carroll) is the fun and kind-hearted school teacher in New Bedford. He quickly takes a liking to Honey.

Their love blossoms, and eventually they get married and have a child together. We love how Max embraces Honey and her family and how they come together to create their own new family, despite initial resistance from May, Hub, and Fat. Here’s why we love Max Sutton.

He’s Creative

Max Sutton webMax is a dedicated school teacher, who also happens to be a freelance writer. Max isn’t just any ordinary fiction writer, but he’s a crime writer. He often submits his stories to the local radio station.

Being creative enables Max to be able to come up with new ideas and problem solve and he certainly does that when he finds himself cash strapped for Honey’s return from the sanatorium for the holiday’s in the episode, Murmur Most Foul. When Fat shows him there’s a crime writing contest with a prize for 100$, despite a short timeline, Max uses his writing skills to try and win the contest and get something special for Honey. We love that he uses his creativity to do something for someone else.

He’s Supportive

Max is a great father figure, as he leads by example and embraces the boys even though they do not do the same for him at first. He is also a very Max Honey 2 websupportive man. He supports and stands by Honey and their family no matter what.

For instance, Max helps the boys by driving them to Matilda and Hugh’s to get them to come to New Bedford to reunite baby Violet with Honey and the boys. Later, Max stands by Hub when May disinherits him. Together, Max and Honey work together to pursue both of their dreams, hers to attend college and his to complete a novel. Ultimately, Max’s encouraging nature is what builds the Bailey-Sutton family back up.

He’s Community Minded

Being both a school teacher and the vice-principal, Max tries his very hardest to advocate for his students. Often going head to Max Sutton Soup Linehead with Mrs. Whitney, Max cares deeply about his students. He argues against the use of the strap as a sole disciplinary tool. He is an advocate for extracurricular activities including sports teams to which Hub joins.

Max is compassionate towards the homeless that find their way to New Bedford, though this sentiment doesn’t make him popular with May, it shows his passion helping others and ultimately the community.

For these reasons and probably more we love Max Sutton. Did we miss anything? List your reasons in the comments. Get the Complete Series Box Set at the shopatsullivan.com.

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