Love Max and Honey Style

By February 14, 2014Articles & Essays

Honey and Max This Valentine’s Day, love Max and Honey style is something we should all aspire to.

On Valentine’s Day, we are supposed to express our love to those we care about with cards, gifts and grand gestures. I guess there’s┬ánothing wrong with that but isn’t it more important to treat our loved ones well every other day of the year? Max and Honey’s relationship on Wind at my Back is certainly a great example of that.

Times were tough during the 1930’s and couples and families had to endure many hardships to survive. Max and Honey’s relationship began under difficult circumstances but they fell in love anyway. That’s the funny thing about love… it happens regardless of what’s going on around us. And when Max and Honey fell in love, they we determined to be together in spite of May Bailey’s objections and the various obstacles that stood in their way.

Honey and Max in KitchenIt wasn’t easy but somehow Honey and Max managed to not just survive but thrive over the course of Wind at my Back. Their deep love, respect and commitment to each other and their family sustained them through the bad times and made them appreciate the good times. It was the unconditional love and support that they showed each other every day that kept their relationship strong.

Many things have changed since the 1930’s but the elements of a good relationship have remained the same.┬áSo this Valentine’s Day, along with the gifts, tell your sweetheart that you will love them Max and Honey style all year long.

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