Independence Day Values in Wind at My Back

Independence Day is one of the most impressive celebrations of a country’s independence. When we think of the 4th of July, we immediately think of fireworks, backyard BBQs with family, and weekend getaways.

july 4

However, Independence Day means so much more. It represents important values like patriotism, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness.  These are important ones to have, no matter where you live. Though Wind at My Back takes place in Canada, much of the series’ plot has the true spirit of many of the core values behind Independence Day.

In the Declaration of Independence, the pursuit of happiness is one of the inalienable rights that everyone is entitled to. Honey and Grace spend the majority of the series trying to find that happiness, especially in the trying times of the Depression.

Freedom is another thing both women are trying to pursue. Honey starts the series desperately trying to gain her independence by finding the means to get her kids back, and keep them. Grace, often under the stronghold of matriarch May Bailey, struggles to gain her own independence.

Despite the hardship of the 1930s, the period also personified the Golden Era of Hollywood, was touched by War, and marked the start of mass media and communication. During this special time period of transition, the dream of hope, liberty and happiness was challenging to achieve. Yet there were still opportunities for prosperity, success and achievement. Honey’s progression throughout the series from struggling mom to business owner is the perfect example of her fulfilling the American dream. You can start with nothing, but eventually build your way up and live your dreams. Now that’s something worth celebrating!

Many of the characters represent the determination, pride, and spirit which entail the North American Dream of success.

We wish you a happy and healthy Independence Day!

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