How to Focus on the Christmas Spirit

With the Christmas holiday, many people get caught up with gift-giving, or more often, gift giving. People give more and more expensive gifts than ever before. However, gift buying is only one part of christmas. In Wind at My Back, the depression was time of tight budgets and people really needed to be resourceful and spendthrift. This allowed for more creative gifts and overspending was nearly unheard of. We give you some tips on how to enjoy your holiday, focus on the Christmas spirit, and not get caught up in the consumerism madness.

Privilege Experiences over Possessions

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Though at the time when you really want something, you  believe that must-have item will stick with you forever, and it rarely does. The newest electronic? The most fashionable trends? Both fade out and often end up being unused , given away or discarded all together. Want the holiday season to stand out every year? Have experiences rather than possessions this Christmas season. Go ice-skating, make Christmas cookies and use them as decorations. There are so many free or cheap ways to enjoy the holiday season without having to spend a dime.

When shopping, choose wisely. Is what you’re buying going towards an experience that will last forever? Or is it just something to appease a whim, or a mood? Really hammer the message home for yourself and your family by taking photographs, scrap booking or documenting all of your experiences. Chances are, when reminiscing about a past experience, you’ll remember that most fondly rather than a giant screen TV.

Make Something

Looking to give a personal gift without breaking the bank? Try making something. In the 1930s and before it, it was a great option. It doesn’t have to be complicated either. Homemade hot chocolate mix is always a winner. Maybe make someone a coupon book, each with a different favour or task for you to provide. Everyone is good at something, so why not use those skills to make something great for someone else.


Max Sutton Soup LineMany organizations could use a helping hand over Christmas, so why not help them out? Whether it’s volunteering at a toy drive, fundraiser or soup kitchen, chances are, someone needs help. Your greatest takeaway won’t the latest or trendiest gift, but the lasting satisfaction of helping others. You can even help others within your family, or communities, it doesn’t have to be for larger organizations.

The key with volunteering is helping others in need.

How do you focus on the christmas spirit? Tell us in the comments! Watch the trailer of A Wind at My Back Christmas.

A Wind At My Back Christmas (Official Trailer) from Sullivan Entertainment on Vimeo.

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