With the new year in full swing, many people are working on their resolutions. Some may be short lived, and others will power through and meet their goals. However, there are some who opt to start over completely, like Honey Bailey, to improve their lives.

If you’re thinking about starting over, take tips from Honey, w ho reinvents herself several times throughout the series.

Try a Move

New Bedford SignIt might be seen as running from ones problems but in some cases, moving elsewhere can be the answer. For instance, things weren’t looking so good for Honey and her family before they moved to New Bedford. Though May and Honey had never gotten along previously, there is no denying the stability that a move near family would provide.

A new locale can often provide new opportunities and even some new friends. Honey found in Grace a new friend, and after the tragic loss of Jack Bailey, newfound love. Though a move comes with it, uncertainty, it also comes with new experiences and opportunity.

Get out of Your Comfort Zone

Honey finds herself in a lot of odd jobs before settling on hair dressing, and eventually becoming a student. Though this is mainly for financial reasons, it did show her dedication toward her family, and brought her that much closer to finding out what she wanted to do in life.

Oftentimes, our true passions are unlikely to reveal themselves by doing the same old thing, all of the time. Even, Grace flourished once she found her own job and gained her own independence. Don’t be afraid to try something new, because you never know what good things will come from it.

Forgive and Move on

Honey and May have their fair share of battles over the years. However, it is May who comes to the rescue when Honey is sent to the sanatorium Honey mayfor Tuberculosis.  However, when the shoe is on the other foot, and May is sick, Honey steps up to the plate and takes care of her despite their rocky past.

Though there has been a lot of hurt exchanged between the two, they were there for each other when it counted. Sometimes, even when we are hurt, we have to forgive those who have hurt us. Often times, this can be freeing and can even repair a relationship for the better.

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