Honey Bailey: One Tough Cookie

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Honey Bailey never gave up trying to keep her family together despite living in very difficult times.

Honey Bailey and FamilyShe may be just a character from a television show, but many real women deal with the same hardships that Honey Bailey did to this day.

Through no fault of her own, Honey found herself trying to raise her children on her own with very little money. To make matters worse, she had to deal with family members that unfairly judged her and refused to give her any support.

However, in spite of all of the forces that were working against her, Honey refused to give up. She was determined to keep her family together and prove that all of her adversaries were wrong about her.  Honey’s sheer will of strength and love for her family gave her the motivation she needed to make the tough decisions that kept her family together.

Although Honey Bailey is a fictional character, I hope she provides inspiration to women everywhere who are struggling through their own hardships.

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