Foolish Hearts Make Tough Choices

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The Wind at my Back episode The Foolish Heart shows that deciding to take a relationship to another level requires both love and courage.

The Foolish Heart features several of New Bedford’s citizens struggling with romantic dilemmas as Valentine’s Day rapidly approaches. Perhaps the the most difficult part about love is that both people involved need to be ready for it. In this episode, Young Alice McFarlane loves her new baby dearly but must decide if she’s able to look after both herself and her child.  At the same time, Archie is desperate for Toppy to accept his marriage proposal but she won’t give him an answer and Jim Flett is conflicted between the memory of his late wife and the feelings he has for Grace.

At some point every relationship reaches the stage where you have to either jump in with both feet or move on… and both decisions take a lot of courage to make. Valentine’s Day tends to make us think more about our relationships, so here is the end of “The Foolish Heart” to hopefully help you with your romantic decisions:

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