Follow Your Dream: Careers in the 1930s

Wind at My Back takes place in the 1930s during the Great Depression. This period of economic depression affected many countries and families.

Primary industries such as farming, and mining were hit particularly hard. Small business owners especially, like Jack Bailey would find themselves out of business. With those sectors being primary sources for jobs, when the jobs started dwindling so did the options for a long term career. However, despite all of these obstacles, both Hub and Fat end up following their dreams and pursuing careers they love.

Gloomy Future

The Great Depression offered few options. There was mass unemployment, which the Bailey boys knew first hand, as Honey bounced from job to job for quite some time. By 1933 in Canada, a whopping 30% of the labour force was out of work, and 1 in 5 Canadians were dependent on government relief just to survive. These factors would have made it difficult for any young kids to make a decision based on their passion.

Though mining was one of the industries that was suffering, when Hub takes an interest in the mine you can see why May was so eager for him to do so. She could provide him with a relatively secure career where he wouldn’t have to compete like so many others for one job.

A Calling

WAMBC004Though he had a poor attitude at the beginning, Hub soon blossoms into a great kid with a passion for helping others. In “Oh Happy Day,” Hub receives a letter from a man he helped in the past, where he really gets the gravity and reward of helping someone. This all leads him to wanting to study  to become a priest.

Alternatively, Fat eventually pursues a career in law enforcement. Though becoming a police officer  was not a bad career option, it would still be considered against the status quo. Most men got jobs in industries such as agriculture, mining/gas/oil, and transportation. Like his brother, Hub, Fat would still be helping people and keeping New Bedford safe.

Following Your Heart

For Hub in particular, following his dreams comes at a hefty price. May disinherits him for walking from the mining business.  To WAMBC002walk away from a set career path you have to really believe in what you’re doing.

In the Christmas Movie, Hub has doubts about becoming a priest, leading him to reevaluate. However, at the art of it, Hub wants to find a career where he’s doing something meaningful that impacts others in a positive way. Whether that’s through the priesthood or by other means, Hub will use his love of doing good to find his next career.

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