From Foes to Friends: Toppy and Honey’s Friendship

There are some friends who hit it off right away. For whatever reason, they click almost immediately. Toppy and Honey Bailey however, are not those kinds of friends.

ToppySometimes, you really don’t like someone at first and Toppy certainly did not approve of Honey initially. However, sometimes some of the closest friends are the ones who got off on the wrong foot to start.

A Rough Start

Though perhaps it shouldn’t have been surprising, Honey and Toppy don’t get off to a great start. There are a few reasons for this. May, mother of Bob Bailey (Toppy’s then husband), is not a fan of Honey and makes it no secret. She notoriously blames Honey for Jack’s death, and keeps Honey’s boys at her home with Grace.

Though it would have been better to get to know Honey on her own terms, Toppy is understandably cold to her. Her loyalty would be to May, and not to Honey given she was at the time, still married to Bob. Especially in the 1930s it would have looked pretty bad on Toppy’s part to disagree with her mother-in-law, especially when she owns the mine your husband works at!

A Turning Point

Toppy and Honey Though rude and snobbish to Honey in the beginning, luckily it does not last forever. Unfortunately, the change in Toppy’s attitude comes on the heels of bad circumstances.  As some marriages inevitably do, Toppy’s marriage to Bob falls apart. Experiencing marital troubles, but especially in the 1930s would have been pretty difficult to go through. Through these difficult times, Toppy turns to Honey and Grace to help her get through her eventual divorce.  They say when times are tough, you learn who your friends are and that’s certainly the case for Toppy and Honey.  Luckily for Toppy, Honey doesn’t hold her initial impressions against her and their friendship continues throughout the series.

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  • Anne Twohey says:

    Yes, in the beginning of the series you would never guess these two would be such good friends and do anything for each other, I was so glad it happened..Toppy is at the top of my list for favorite characters…

  • Marsha says:

    I miss this series so bad

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