Filming on the Roof

By March 21, 2014Behind The Scenes, View All

Shooting on the Wind at my Back backlot had many advantages but it required shooting from every possible angle to keep things interesting… including the studio roof.

Roof-01When a site was required for Luc Gerrard (Carl Marotte) and Grace Bailey (Kathryn Greenwood) to have a private, romantic dinner in The Resurrection of May, the logical choice was the New Bedford Hotel Roof. This presented some problems however because the hotel facade didn’t actually have a roof.

To solve the problem, the scene was staged on a section of the studio roof that overlooked the opposite end of the street to where the hotel was actually located. This was a bit of a cheat but it worked quite well. To make the set, the carpenters built an artificial brick wall and the set dressers brought up a table and hung some coloured lights. A hydraulic scissor lift was used to get the crew and equipment safely up and down from the roof.

The hotel rooftop was a very simple, yet extremely effective set that created an excellent place to shoot and gave viewers a perspective on New Bedford that they had never seen before.

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