In Wind at My Back, like so many others during that time, the Bailey family was rocked by a worldwide depression caused by the crash of the market. The days of extravagance and excess of the decade prior, the 1920s, were suddenly long gone. Women were opting for cheaper and simpler fashions.

With the effects of the lingering economic downturn of the present day, though many people spend beyond their means, many families struggle just to get by. We take a look at some fashion tips for women from the 1930s to keep you fashionable without the credit card debt.

Fashion Tip #1: Accessorize, accessorize and accessorize

Honey Bailey FashionThere was one carry over from the 1920s and that was the need to dress for different occasions. However, many women could not afford a new dress for each occasion. It was costly and would seem wasteful. One of the best ways to jazz up an existing outfit is with snappy accessories.

Honey didn’t always have the money, but still managed to look sharp by adding a hat, gloves or jewellery. Adding appropriate and tasteful accessories can take an outfit from day to night, and from casual to dressy in a heartbeat.

Fashion Tip #2: Upcycle

Nowadays, we often arbitrarily decide we need new clothing. Much of people’s clothing is in good condition, but they shop anyhow. With shopping for new clothes ruled out as an option, women got creative.

Some added fun embellishments to their clothing, others revamped their clothing by perhaps letting the hem, or using the fabric to use to make something “new”. Out of style didn’t necessarily mean out of use. So whether you a do a clothing swap with, or use old fabric to transform something old into something new, you can upcycle and still look good.

Fashion Tip #3: Choose Classic Styles

As tempting as it is to buy the latest trends, even the best ones don’t last forever. When you do shop, opt for timeless classics such as the little black dress, to keep as Grace Honey Fashionstaples in your wardrobe, and keep those trendy items to a minimum.

Fill your wardrobe with staples, as well as timeless basics, and you’ll have a recession proof wardrobe in no time!

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