Fall Fashion Inspiration from the Wind at My Back Characters.

We are well into autumn and with a changing of the season comes a changing of the wardrobe. Take some fall fashion inspiration from the Wind at My Back characters this season.

The chunky knit sweater and the woolen scarf are some of the cornerstones of the autumn outfit. It is important to wrap up warm and maybe even look good doing it. The iconic fashion styling of the 1930’s shine through in the “Wind at My Back” series. The wardrobe department did an excellent job of capturing the trends of the 1930’s from Sunday best to the everyday.

Hub Bailey (pictured right) is shown wearing a woolen sweater. It would certainly do the job of keeping him warm playing outside on October evenings in New Bedford. This style can easily be transferred into the present day and is a functional and stylish Autumnal option.

The ladies of “Wind at My Back” are often seen wearing hats, as was the style of the time. Fall is the perfect time to wear hats because they’ll protect your ears from the cold autumn wind. Vintage fashion items are a great way to add detail and interest to an outfit. An item with a story behind it is far more interesting and valuable that a mass-produced product. Pictured below are Grace and Callie from “Wind at My Back” sporting Cloche-style hats. The Sullivan Online Store has made some select items from the series available to purchase. Take a look at the Callie Hat and a Grace-like hat at the online store.

The cardigan is a timeless item of clothing that could be worn in any decade. A cardigan in a solid seasonal color is on trend at the moment. Also in style in 2013, as well as the 1930’s, is mustard colored clothing. Below is a vintage cardigan worn on the show that is available at the online store. You can be on trend and showcase your vintage style at the same time this fall with a bright and cozy cardigan with a little piece of history behind.

For more vintage fashions and costume pieces from “Wind at My Back”, visit the Sullivan Store and browse through the collection. You never know, something might catch your eye.

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