Dating Etiquette to Borrow from the 1930s

Now that there are plenty of online dating apps and websites, it’s hard to imagine back to a time when dating and courting had rules that needed to be abided by.

Honey and Max Dating EtiquetteThough some may seem outdated, and are based on societal expectations that have changed (e.g. the guy must always pay), there are a few bits of advice that stand out, and are timeless. Since Wind at My Back takes place in the 1930s, we pick some of the best dating etiquette from the 1930s and add a little modern flare.

Watch Your Posture

Though slouching is definitely a lot more comfortable, it’s not exactly a good look. Though this rule was initially aimed at women specifically, it’s good advice for both people on a date. Don’t slouch, and try standing up straight instead.

Standing tall and walking straighter can convey a look and air of confidence, and who doesn’t need confidence on a first date?

Limit Drinking

This very key advice and thus why it is timeless. Though it is appropriate to enjoy a drink or two with dinner, the last thing you want to do is take it too far and embarrass your date (and yourself). It’s best to know your limit and stay within it.

Some recommend a two drink maximum but chances are you know your body best so stick to your own maximum. Remember, a date is usually someone’s first impression, so don’t make it a drunken one.

Avoid Public Primping

Though nerves may have you wanting to adjust your appearance constantly, primping is best left for before your date arrives. This advice goes for ladies and gents. Not only is someone Honey hairdressing dating etiquetteelse’s constant fidgeting distracting, it’s also not very attractive.

Tempted to reapply lipstick? Shift your tie, or fix your hair? Maybe skip it. It wil make your date think you aren’t paying attention to them and chances are you look just as great as when you left the house. If you really can’t resist, head to the washroom to maintain the mystery.

Did we miss any dating etiquette tips? Sound off in the comments! Want to experience the 1930s? Get all five seasons of Wind at My Back on DVD.

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