A Wind at my Back Wedding: Simple yet Special

‘I Love you Let’s just hurry up and get married’ – Honey Bailey-Sutton

This week we have been looking at various weddings from Sullivan productions like Anne of Green Gables and Road to Avonlea to give you ideas on creating a theme for your own wedding. Although the weddings of Anne & Gilbert and Gus and Felicity were far from extravagant, they were quite traditional; but that was definitely not the case for Max and Honey.

Unfortunately, large weddings also come with large price tags that many people simply can’t afford. In a perfect world, everyone who gets married would have someone else to pay for the wedding but we all know that is not realistic. Usually young people get some sort of financial support from parents and family but older couples like Max and Honey are generally on their own. People who are getting re-married, as was the case with Honey, also often do not want or expect a large and expensive wedding.

A Max and Honey style wedding could essentially happen anywhere with very little time and money. The New Bedford Park Gazebo made an excellent setting for a gathering of family and close friends to take part in Max and Honey’s special day. Honey made a few alterations to one of her favorite dresses and complimented it with a simple bouquet and flowers in her hair. Max wore a striking grey business suit with a boutonniere to add a splash of colour. Everyone looked great and the entire event had a lovely atmosphere regardless of its simplicity.

In the end, a wedding is the celebration of two people who love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together; it is the marriage that really matters, not the pomp and circumstance that accompanies it. Simple weddings are small, intimate and full of love, so if you want to get married but think you can’t afford it, remember Max and Honey’s wedding and think again.


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