1930’s Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes in the 1930’s were pretty scary looking! Can you imagine, Hub or Fat going out about New Bedford looking like this?tumblr_mvae2uaFk51rhhnauo1_r2_500

Maybe because it’s in black and white, but just looking at this creeps us out! Here is our list of some of the creepy Halloween costumes from the 1930s:

1. Scarecrow

maxresdefault (1)

We are not quite sure if the person in the middle is actually supposed to be a scarecrow, but whatever they all are supposed to be it is super creepy!




This Jester is as cute as it is creepy. And the other two are pretty interesting. Imagine these three coming to your door?


3.The Clown


Clowns are creepy in general, but this one takes the cake!


4. Strange Mask


This one isn’t so bad. We’ve seen creepier things on today’s kids. Although the mask on the child in the back left, two in, is pretty frightening!


Have a great Halloween!





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